"Donna's rich and diverse education of healing practices really becomes evident in her mindful and deeply therapeutic massage. She's very adaptive and personalizes each treatment based on the needs and preferences of her clients. Mix that with her warm, magnetic personality and you've got a true healing professional. I would recommend Donna and Deep Roots to absolutely anyone!" 

"When I first came in to see Donna, I told her about some strange pains I was having in my back under the scapula that seemed to radiate towards my chest.  I had these symptoms for 3 years and had tried PT, acupuncture, Chiropractic, and all sorts of massage therapists and different modalities.  Donna worked on me 3 times in about 10 days and my pain has vanished.  I kid you not.  She fixed me.  After 3 years of suffering, Donna listened to my complaints, was curious as to all the anatomy and physiology and concentrated on what I needed to have done.  She is my new massage therapist that I am never giving up!!  So, if you want body work that will actually provide relief for your aching body and strange pains--GO SEE DONNA!!  She will make you whole again."

"After just one massage with Donna I felt like a whole new person. Not only relaxed but also attended to in a special and intentional way. She listened to my issues/wants/needs and produced the exact massage I needed. Not only was she helpful, mindful, and intuitive she also had a personality you trust and want to be around- which is perfect for a day of relaxation and giving back to yourself. You can tell she truly wants to make your experience wonderful, but more than anything she wants to help you with pain, stress, or discomfort so that you leave ready to take on life!"

"After over 2 months of neck pain, I asked Donna at Deep Roots if she could help alleviate my pain through a massage.  Donna first asked me specific questions about my neck pain and then conveniently scheduled an appointment for me.  After an amazing massage, my pain completely went away!  Donna told me that my "Levator Scapulae" needed specific work and suggested ways that I could avoid the strain in the future.  Now I go around telling everybody that Donna healed my neck pain by working on my levator scapulae!  I can't wait to receive another great massage from her!  Make an appointment now!"

"I started using Donna Tolley last year for weekly massage and found her technique, awareness of different muscle tissue and her strength is a great combination for a fabulous therapeutic deep tissue massage. Deep Roots is located right in Lions Head which makes it so convient to get to.  Donna's therapy room is well lit when needed, clean and very pleasing surroundings for total relaxation. I'm back for another full season of skiing and know Donna will keep my body feeling good and healthy. I would surely recommend Deep Roots for a well priced professional massage."